May 2, 2013

Features That Enhance The Stand-Out Appeal Of Biker Jackets For Women

Although sitting by the fireplace, wrapped in a woolen shawl and sipping a cup of hot chocolate is the ideal winter fantasy for most people, there are those who would rather experience the frostiness of winter, first-hand by taking a long walk or a drive. And the most adventurous souls of all would prefer to ride a motorbike on the deserted winter streets!
Aside from the thorough enjoyment one experiences while cruising through the scantily-populated roads, the intermittent bursts of chilly winter winds is bound to send a shivering sensation through one’s body. Therefore, bikers are recommended to wear well-fitted and durable jackets that will keep them warm and cozy.
Similar to other apparel items, the leading fashion houses in the world showcase an intriguing variety of biker jackets for women. Manufactured from state of the art quality fabrics, these jackets are a brilliant display of creativity and style. Discussed below are some of the features that will undoubtedly enhance the stand-out appeal of these riding jackets designed particularly for women.

   1)      Form-Fitting Yet Flexible
Like any garment that serves to complement the wearer’s personality, a riding jacket designed for women must be form-fitting to prevent the entrance of chilly air into the jacket’s interior. However, for affording maximum comfort during riding, the jacket should be somewhat flexible so as to grant easy mobility.

   2)      Waterproof Liner And Hand Warmer Pockets
For long rides during winter nights, biker women must opt for leather jackets that are lined with a waterproof liner; this liner will prevent the wearer’s shirt and underclothes from getting drenched thereby contributing to her long-term comfort.
Moreover, the two hand warmer pockets attached to these women s motorcycle jackets will enable the biker to keep her hands comfortably warm once she dismounts from the bike and head towards her selected rendezvous!

   3)      Armored Shoulders And Elbows
If you have an active interest in history or historical documentaries, you must have observed the armors worn by the Vikings and the soldiers who existed in previous eras. The main objective of any form of armor is to protect the vital regions of the wearer from being subjected to fatal injuries.
Interestingly, some of the most enticing varieties of motorcycle jackets for women have armored shoulders and foams inserted in the elbow regions; both of these protective layers will safeguard the woman biker against any shoulder dislocation or elbow fracture.
Furthermore, the back pad attached at the back of the jacket will minimize the chances of spine injuries as well.

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