Apr 29, 2013

Bike Tires: How to manage them to Increase Your Bike’s Overall Performance

Today, purchasing effective bike tires have not been the same as it was used to be several years back. As a matter of fact, it can be absolute unapproachable if a biker has not any idea about the contemporary trend of bike tires. Following are some useful aspects that you need to consider about bike tires.

Both Front and Rear Tires Must Match:

For maximum performance and handling of your motorbike tires, you need to ensure that both front and rear tires perfectly match with each other and have same specifications. You should ensure that both tires are changed or replaced simultaneously. If one tire is new and other one is old, then it can result in bad performance of your bike. In this regard, you can go through the Tire Selection tips presented by corresponding company. Tires must be installed as per the directional arrows, as some bike tires now come with tread structure that are made for a particular replacement for best functionality, specifically on slippery and wet tracks.

When you need to change bike tires:

It is very easy to find out when you should replace tires for motorcycles. You need to check the conditions of tires on regular basis. If your tires rims get a little curvy, then you feel heavy vibration while riding. So bent rims or cracked cast wheel are required be changed as soon as possible to avoid further damage. You should also check your tires for uneven abrasion on regular basis. Your tire is not good if there is some wear on one side of the tread. You need to be conscious about warning indications like quivering, handling unsteadiness, friction, rubbing or tire racket while riding the bike. If you find anything like this, then it is time to change tires of bike.

Motorcycle tires types:

There are many types of motorcycle tires. Some of them are discussed below:

Sport Touring – They are usually not designed for high bending loads, but for long straights. These tires are most commonly used for long riding throughout the country.

Sport Street – They are particularly designed for fierce street bikers that usually ride on highways. They usually are not long-lasting. However, they have improved grip in high speed cornering.

Track or Slick – They are designed for professional races. They usually come in triangular shape to provide more contact patch when bikers lean over the road during a race. They are not very effective on street.

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