Jun 29, 2013

Features Of Leather Motorcycle Pants For Men That Will Make A Biker Look Fabulous!

Scarring on the thighs, shins and ankles can be quite painful; deep cuts and bruises on any region of the lower torso serve to jeopardize free movement thereby creating serious problems for the rider. Additionally, any form of accident that results in lower torso injuries can infuse a deep sense of fear within a biker with regard to everyday cruising thereby making the very act of riding itself seem like an incredibly challenging task.
Moreover, the harsh weather conditions at times lead to complete drenching of the pants or chaps thereby causing potential health problems such as flu, cough, headaches and other ailments. To prevent yourself from contracting any of the aforementioned viral afflictions, it is of vital importance that you keep yourself warm and cozy by wearing a well-fitted pair of biker pants.
Highlighted below are some of the features of leather motorcycle pants for men that will make a biker look fabulous, chic and stylish!

   1)      Abrasion-Resistant
Aside from the soft, velvety touch, pants manufactured from pure cowhide leather also afford an extraordinary degree of abrasion-resistance thereby affording state of the art protection to the thighs, shins and ankles.
Dirt bike riders and men bikers who love to glide uphill along a rough mountainous terrain can elicit enormous benefits from biker leather pants since all variations of leather fabrics are designed to afford an incredible degree of tear resistance. The tear-resistance feature will also enhance the pants’ durability thereby preventing a rider from changing his riding pants on an annual or biannual basis.

   2)      Weather-Resistant
Similar to any high-quality riding garment, leather pants engineered for men should have a weather-resistant exterior- one that will prevent the pants from clinging to the biker’s knees and shins thereby contributing to his long-term comfort.
Another added advantage of weather-resistant leather pants for men is that by keeping the rider’s lower torso dry and warm, they prevent the biker from getting distracted during the riding process thereby contributing both to his safety as well to the safety of the other motorists and drivers traveling on the road.

   3)      Genuine Leather Inner Knee Panels

Some of the best varieties of men riding pants available in the biker stores have inner knee panels manufactured from genuine leather. This additional layer of leather will act as armor for the knees thereby minimizing the chances of a knee fracture in the event of a collision or a high-impact accident.

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